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Sometimes oral hygiene becomes so much of a routine that you pick up habits that don’t seem quite good or bad. However, there are some habits that seem harmless, but they’re not. They usually do more harm than good. Dr. Obiora E. Nkwonta would like to help you kick those habits so you can have the strong and healthy smile you deserve.

The first habit is keeping your mouth open when you brush. Not only will this create a messy mirror (because of the toothpaste flecks flying everywhere) but it will also encourage vigorous brushing, which can harm the teeth and gums. So, try brushing with your mouth closed. This can help protect your smile, help make brushing the back teeth easier, help you gag less (if this is a problem for you), and help you have a much cleaner bathroom mirror.

The second habit is rinsing your mouth with water after you have brushed your pearly whites. Rinsing your mouth washes the helpful toothpaste chemicals away that need time to benefit the teeth. So, it’s best to just spit out the toothpaste and go on your merry way. This might feel odd at first, but it will feel better after the first few times you do it.

The third habit is keeping your toothbrush out on the bathroom counter. This can be a bad habit because the toothbrush can collect high amounts of bacteria, especially if it’s near the toilet. So, it’s best to keep your toothbrush in the bathroom cupboard or even on your bedroom nightstand.

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