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Do you have some type of irritating, small wound in your mouth causing discomfort or even pain? It may be a mouth sore, and these can usually go away on their own, but sometimes you need to contact Lake City Way Dental Center if they have been around for longer than two weeks. We can help determine what the cause of your irritating mouth sore and what treatment will be best to treat it.

Some of the causes of mouth sores may be surprising since you wouldn’t typically think of many of these being probable causes. Many mouth sores can be caused by:

– Chewing tobacco/smoking
– Poor-fitting dentures
– Stress-related sores
– Hormone changes in your body
– Oral medications, like aspirin, beta-blockers, sulfa drugs, and even chemotherapy
– Burns from liquids or food that are too hot
– Braces attached to the teeth rubbing on the gums
– Jagged/sharp teeth can irritate the gums in the back of the mouth
– The herpes simplex virus causing cold sores
– Weakened immune system because of disease or autoimmune issues
– Mouth cancer (this is a rare situation)
– Abscesses or infections, such as hand-foot-mouth disease.

Some of these more extreme cases caused by damaged teeth, your dentures, or braces, need to be looked at by your dentist here in Seattle, Washington. Sometimes medications that need adjusting, you need to speak to your doctor who recommended your prescribed medicine. To get the treatment you need, call our dental professionals at Lake City Way Dental Center here in Seattle, Washington, at 206.363.1828. Dr. Obiora E. Nkwonta can determine what is best for you and your smile today!