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Tooth loss can have profound ramifications on the basic function of your mouth as well as the appearance of your smile. In many cases where a tooth is lost to a severe cavity, treatment-based extraction or some severe form of oral trauma, the underlying bone tissues are also compromised.

When this happens the structural change in the area can gradually start to affect the alignment of the nearby teeth, leading to increased risk of suffering chips and dental fractures on the related teeth in your bite pattern. At the same time the structural depletion in the area might also make a dental implant restoration counter-indicated.

To effectively address a situation like this, and restore sufficient structure to support a dental implant, our dentist might recommend inserting a bone graft. The outpatient procedure typically requires full sedation, so you will need to arrange for a safe ride home afterward.

It involves Dr. Obiora E. Nkwonta excising a sample of healthy bone tissue from another part of your jaw or chin bone, before carefully installing it into the treatment area. Once this is done your body will slowly bond with the bone tissue to create enough structural integrity to support a titanium dental implant.

Our dentist will provide you with any necessary aftercare instructions, which might also include taking prescription medications to help manage any post-operative discomfort.

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