What is teeth whitening?

If you want to dramatically transform the aesthetic of your smile, our high-quality teeth whitening system may be just the thing for you! Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment that is designed to gently bleach away stains and discoloration on your tooth enamel. Dr. Obiora E. Nkwonta, our knowledgeable dentist, is proud to utilize the Zoom whitening system to help rejuvenate dark smiles.

What stains teeth?

The Zoom whitening system is able to completely erase stains and discoloration commonly caused by:

  • Age
  • Fluorosis
  • Smoking
  • Medication
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Dark-colored drinks
  • Sugary and acidic foods

No matter the reason, we have a solution at Lake City Way Dental Center to whiten your smile and help you reach all of your smile goals.

How do I whiten my smile?

There are two ways to whiten your smile with our Zoom whitening system: in our office or at home. In-office teeth whitening can produce dramatic results in as little as an hour as a high-powered light activates your whitening gel. If you would prefer to whiten your smile in the comfort of your own home, we also make custom whitening trays. These trays are worn snugly over your teeth to deliver the whitening gel daily. Depending on your individual needs, this process can take a few days or a few weeks.

If you would like to learn more about teeth whitening in Seattle, Washington, please contact our dental office today! We would be happy to answer any of your questions.